What to do in Maldives: All things you can enjoy in a trip to the Maldives islands

The Maldives Islands are a unique heavenly place. They have some of the best beaches and best hotels in the world to relax and unwind. In this article we summarize what to do in the Maldives and what to see in the Maldives on a trip to the islands.

What to do in Maldives

Known for being the perfect place for a vacation and honeymoon, enjoying its paradisiacal beaches is the main activity to do in the Maldives. However, this paradise on earth has so much more to offer, and it really is suitable for any type of traveler.

This article summarizes all the things to do in Maldives for anyone to enjoy; Adventure seekers and honeymooners will find plenty of travel inspiration here, but so will those looking for a more local experience.

Maldives beaches

It is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of this country: the beaches of the Maldives. One imagines the turquoise green beaches on the cover of a travel catalog. Many destinations use photographs like this, and the reality when you get there is disappointing. But in Maldives we assure you that the paradisiacal beaches are real. The secret is that they are coral islands, forming atolls protected by reefs that create interior lagoons of turquoise waters and with thousands of colored fish. The sand is white, the water is at the same temperature all year round (around 28º C), but it doesn’t feel so hot because outside the temperature is the same.

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What to do in Maldives: Paradise beach in the Maldives Islands
Paradise beach in the Maldives Islands

Sandbanks and desert islands in Maldives

The atolls of Maldives have hundreds of small islets in which there is no human presence or construction. It may be a small sandbar where there is nothing else or an island with vegetation, but the experience is interesting. Excursions can be organized to visit, stay a few hours, a picnic, a dinner … or even spend the night.

Snorkeling, diving, scuba diving in Maldives… The life under water

Maldives is one of the top diving destinations. There are many professional PADI dive centers where you can dive if you are not certified, or enroll in various dive options on one of the many reefs. Maldives has an abundance of marine life unique in the world. We talk below about fauna, such as rays, whale sharks or sea turtles. The crystal clear waters offer incredible visibility and there is no need for a wetsuit as the water is quite warm all year round.

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What to do in Maldives: whale shark in Maldives

In case the visitor is not attracted to scuba diving, snorkeling is an excellent option because the reefs in the Maldives are not usually very deep and you can see great marine shows without the need for diving equipment.

Surf in Maldivas

One of the water sports par excellence could not be missing in the Maldives. The calm waters of the lagoons in the atolls of Maldives could lead us to think that it is not a good place for surfing. But on the contrary, it is one of the destinations chosen by surfers from all over the world for its waves. The reefs protect many islands and leave very calm waters inside, but outside the waves are very good.

There are resorts with restricted areas for surfers, even with bars and exclusive rooms for them.

What to do in Maldives: surf in Maldives

All king of water sports

There is a wide variety of sports to practice in the Maldives: kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, etc …

Maldives spa and massage

One of the most relaxing activities to do in the Maldives is to indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment. The archipelago is known for having some of the best resorts and spas in the world, with excellent services and massage venues in incredible surroundings. Visitors can receive therapeutic massages and spa treatments from all over the world: Ayurveda, Balinese, Thai … Usually they have professionals from several countries specialized in different

Yoga in Maldives

This ancient philosophy began in India, not far from the Maldives. It is about uniting the physical, the mental and the spiritual. The word yoga means union, in this case the union of body and mind. Yoga classes can be taken at many local resorts and islands in the Maldives. Even in many it is a free group activity. Practicing yoga in the Maldives facing the sea, or even under the sea as we see in the photo, is a unique and very relaxing experience.

What to do in Maldives: Yoga in Maldivas
Yoga under the sea in Maldives

Other activities you can do in Maldives

Aside from the activities discussed above, many hotels and resorts offer many other options to entertain their guests. Some leisure alternatives in accommodation are the following:

Maldives Golf Resorts

Golf in Maldives
Golf course in Maldives

Despite the little land available on the islands, it may come as a surprise that there are some resorts with golf courses. Among the most prominent are:

Velaa Private Island: designed by José María Olazábal.
Meeru Island Resort & Spa
Kuredu Island Resort & Spa
Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa Maldives


Many resorts have a free-use tennis court for their clients. In fact, some of them are chosen by first-line tennis players, such as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Between the two they have 37 Grand Slam tournaments and have traveled to the Maldives several times. In the winter of the northern hemisphere, the tennis season stops and both tend to take the opportunity to visit paradise where there is always a good temperature. Despite being on vacation, they have to follow certain routines so they continue to train daily.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is a popular tourist attraction in the Maldives with hundreds of fishermen coming to the country to catch a wide variety of fish species, especially the large ones. Renowned for being one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world, the Maldives is home to species such as tuna, sea bream, barracuda or swordfish. The country has strict fishing regulations that are enforced to maintain fish populations for the livelihood of the local population. Because of this, fishing is highly controlled and of course strictly prohibited in the many marine reserves.

The gastronomy in Maldives

In the resorts there are some of the best restaurants in the world, specializing in cuisine from around the world. The local cuisine focuses on fish and seafood, how could it be otherwise. And there are also cooking class options.

Dinner in an underwater restaurant

Dining in one of the underwater restaurants in the Maldives is an activity that allows visitors to enjoy an excellent meal with incredible views of the seabed. It is an experience that you will not easily forget. Underwater restaurants boast the most unique dining experiences in the world. It is ideal for the activity as a couple, although it is also possible to dine with the family and celebrate a special occasion, since there are options for all types of guests in these underwater restaurants in Maldives.

What to see in Maldives

Apart from having one of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world, in the Maldives Islands we can contemplate a great diversity of fauna and flora; apart from being able to visit Male or take an excursion to local islands.

Maldives seabed
Family enjoying the spectacular seabed of Maldives

Whale shark in Maldives

It is the largest fish in the seas, and the Maldives is one of the best places to see it in the wild. The whale shark usually measures between 12 and 15 meters, but it is totally harmless, since it only feeds on algae and plankton. Is in danger of extinction.

In the Maldives you can even see it snorkeling, close to the surface.

Giant Ray Mantas

The giant manta ray is another of the most striking animals that can be seen in the waters of the Maldives. These fish can reach a wingspan of 7 meters and weigh 1,500 kilos. Like whale sharks, they are also harmless and feed on plankton and microorganisms that they achieve by filtering water while swimming majestically with their mouths open. And unfortunately it also coincides with the previous one in that they are in danger of extinction.

Other marine wildlife

We can find a great diversity of fauna in the Maldives Islands. Among the most famous aquatic animals are the crocodile fish, moray eel, napoleon fish, black marlin, sailfish, lion fish, stone fish, trumpet fish, flute fish, dolphin, barracuda or la hawksbill turtle.

Mejor Snorkel en Maldivas
Colorful fish in the depths of the reef

Sharks in Maldives

In addition to the aforementioned whale shark, there are many types of sharks, the vast majority totally harmless. In fact, there have been no reported shark attacks in the Maldives in the last 40 years.

In fact, in the lagoons of the resorts, even from the room itself, it is not uncommon to see harmless little blacktip sharks, they are called baby shark. There are also small whitetip sharks, which in adulthood and offshore can be aggressive. But it is not the case of those in the waters of the Maldives, which are young and shallow.

Other sharks that can be observed in the Maldives are the gray shark species, or the striking cat sharks, hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks, leopard sharks or zebra sharks. Sharks are very important for the balance of the ecosystem and as we discussed above they are not aggressive.

Turtles in Maldives

Sea turtle in Maldives
Sea turtle in Maldives

Five of the seven known species of turtles in the world are seen in the Maldives. All turtles use paddle-shaped fins to propel themselves through the water at speeds of up to 35 km per hour. During the nesting season, the females return to land to lay their eggs in a nest dug out of the sandy beach. After about two months, the hatchlings return to the sea. Sea turtles are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems.

Dolphins in Maldives

One of the friendliest inhabitants of the sea, they can be seen on specific excursions, with a good percentage of success. And sometimes even in a transfer or from the coast these mammals can jump from the water.

Male, the capital of Maldives

The capital of the Maldives Island is full of skyscrapers and narrow streets, surrounded by levees. Shopaholics can visit the local markets, which are full of fresh produce; or head to Chaandanee Magu, the place to get local souvenirs, such as carved wooden dhonis, miniature replicas of the boats that dot the waters of the area.

Male en Maldivas
Male, the capital of the Maldives islands

The golden-domed Mosque presides over the entire landscape, given that it is a Muslim country.

The National Museum traces the history of the Maldives Islands. It can be a curious visit if we have time to spare in Male, although it is somewhat expensive for what it offers. It opens from 10 am to 4 pm, except on Fridays when it is closed (it is a holiday in the Maldives, it closes almost everything).

Here we have a video from our YouTube channel in which we take a long first-person walk through Malé:

Excursions to local islands

The Maldives Islands are not only luxury resorts. In addition to the islands dedicated entirely to tourism, there are also the islands where the Maldivians live. And there is the option to visit these islands and learn about the local culture.

Some resorts have a local island nearby that can be visited on an excursion in a hotel boat. Although they are quiet places and without much to see, in Incredible Maldives we recommend the experience to see how the locals live. The resort is a world apart.

It is also possible to stay on a local island, here we talk about Ukulhas island.

Here we visit Thoddoo on foot, bike and from a bird’s eye view, a local island with charm and beautiful beaches:

Maafushi island in Maldives
Maafushi island

Other excursions in Maldives

Both from the resorts and from a local island you can take excursions of a few hours, to experience the underwater life, try the experience of being on a sandbar or simply enjoy the beauty of the reefs of the Maldives.

A sandbar is a tiny island of a few meters square in which there is nothing. A meal can be organized, where there will only be a table and chairs and where they will leave us alone in the middle of the sea, to come and find us after a few hours, interesting, right?

Sandbar Maafushi Maldives

More Info about Maldives islands

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