Ukulhas in Maldives, the local island with a resort-like beach

Ukulhas in Maldives is a local island that stands out for its paradisiacal beach. The island is surrounded by transparent lagoons and coral reefs, which extends around 10 sq mi. and is home of about 1,000 inhabitants. Ukulhas in the Maldives is located about 70 kilometers east of Male, on the edge of the North Ari Atoll. At the eastern part of the island there is a magnificent beach of fine white sand leapt by turquoise waters of one of the most beautiful lagoons of the atoll.

Ukulhas in the Maldives is the closest neighbor to the local island of Rasdhoo, only about 9.3 miles away; and it has several options of restaurants, guesthouses and variety of accommodation. Due to its proximity, we recommend the travelers who have a time enough to make a split stay that includes both the island of Rasdhoo and this beautiful local island of Ukulhas in the Maldives.

Ukulhas in Maldives

Known as the first eco-friendly island in the Maldives, you can discover all the hidden secrets and activities available on this beautiful local island in Maldives.

Here we visit Ukulhas:

Ukulhas, the ecological island

Ukulhas is an island located approximately 44 miles from the capital, the city of Malé. Its population is well known for its good waste management practices and is now considered the “first island with systematic waste management” in the Maldives.

In 2014, Ukulhas won the Green Leaf award for its outstanding services in the protection and preservation of the island’s environment. It is a pride for its local people, a true reflection of the dedication and commitment of each and every individual within its society.

How to get to Ukulhas in Maldives

The most common way to get to Ukulhas is to travel from Malé or from neighboring Rasdhoo, which is a common point to move around. Ukulhas can also be reached from other local islands.

The two main transfer alternatives to go to Ukulhas are the public ferry and the speedboat.

The public ferry runs the route Malé-Rasdhoo-Ukulhas from Monday to Thursday, leaving the capital of the Maldives Islands at 9 in the morning and arriving in Ukulhas after noon. This ferry does not make the direct trip, as it has a quick stop in Rasdhoo of around 10 minutes.

There is also a public ferry connecting the main Rasdhoo islands – Ukulhas, Rasdhoo and Thoddoo – on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Ukulhas in Maldives - Harbour
Ukulhas Harbour

Best time to travel to Ukulhas

Ukulhas in particular, and Maldives in general, is a destination to travel in any month of the year. Its location allows a not too strong tropical climate, so you can enjoy the warmth of the archipelago with a constant temperature throughout the year.

The the rains are scarce between the months of November and April; but this is also the peak tourist season in the Maldives and hotel rates tend to be more expensive. From May to the end of October is the year perior when the rains are frequent, although they are very short in time, so you can always enjoy the sun throughout the day also during low season.

Staying in Ukulhas – Hotels and Guesthouses in Ukulhas

Ukulhas is a quite touristy island so there is a wide variety of accommodation; from the most basic to some of good quality.

West Sands is a good hotel located a few meters from the beach; with beautiful rooms and a high quality restaurant.

Things to do in Ukulhas in Maldives

Ukulhas in Maldives is an island more focused on carrying out activities than on touring around it. There are some small mosques on the island, the oldest dates from the mid-17th century. However, most of the people visiting Ukulhas is looking for greater emotions through the different activities that can be done there.

Ukulhas Beach and its House Reef

The beach is fairly the main attraction of Ukulhas. It has a length of almost 0.6 miles; so it occupies almost the entire western part of the island. Some hotels have direct access to the beach. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas; so you can comfortably lay down under the shade of the trees. Even when highest season and the island has many visitors there is never a feeling of high occupancy, as the beach is really large.

Ukulhas Bikini Beach is quite clean, like the rest of the island. But this rule applies mostly to the period from November to April. The rest of the time, waves and currents carry some dead coral. In addition, during the low season the tides are usually higher, so most of the beach is under water and sometimes you cannot walk from one end to the other. Depending on the time of the year, the size of the beach could change and move from one to another area of ​​the island. This is because of the wind direction and the absence of an external reef, so it serves as a barrier for the waves.

Its house reef is located a few feet from the beach, so simply by putting on your diving goggles and entering the water you can discover the wonders of the sea. You can meet many fish and turtles, and with a little luck, even small sharks (totally harmless).

Ukulhas in Maldives Beach
Ukulhas Beach

Snorkel in Ukulhas

Near to Ukulhas Bikini Beach, you will find a vast and beautiful coral reef with live corals of all different types. In it you can see various marine species, including huge banks of parrotfish. In addition, it is also possible to meet stingrays, small cuttlefish, turtles and octopuses.

Ukulhas is a perfect place to observe the turtles in total freedom and in their usual habitat, since there are a large number of animals of this species living around the island and on its reef in search of food.

Diving in Maldives

Ukulhas has several excellent diving spots in its surroundings. Some thilas are among the best in the area and the fauna is very varied; with mantas, turtles and sharks (harmless) as strong points.

Sandbank Tour (Sandbank in Ukulhas)

In the area around Ukulhas there are several sandbars that are available for your visit at different times of the year. Most of the tourists seen three of them. These places are a unique experience in the Maldives; where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe, cut off from the outside world.

The length of the longest is approximately 140 meters and is available all year round. In it we will find a beautiful reef with many fish, stingrays and even turtles.

Sometimes tourists from Ukulhas resorts are brought to this sandbar, so it can be crowded or no one is there.

There are no palm trees so you need to bring an umbrella and a cooler (many accommodations provide these). And lots of sunscreen and a hat can help.

Romantic dinner in Ukulhas

Ukulhas hotels in Maldives can organize two types of romantic dinners for couples: on the beach and on the sandbank.

Visit a resort

From Ukulhas, trips to tourist resorts such as Nika Island, Gangehi or Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon can be arranged. The cost depends on each resort. The hotel only charges for transfers to and from the complex. But the entrance fee is paid separately at the resort (they usually have fees around 100-150 euros per person).

The price includes the time of stay on the island (generally from 10:00 to 17:00), towels, food and drinks (depending on the resort), the possibility of visiting bars, restaurants, SPA and other resort amenities.

Access to the villas has an additional cost.

Combo – Ukulhas with a Resort in Maldives

Our agency offers an interesting combination of a local island with a resort; to try the two main accommodation alternatives in the Maldives.

Combining a local island hotel with a resort is a perfect way to stay on a budget on multi-day stays.


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