Weather in Maldives: Best time to travel to Maldives

The weather in Maldives is somewhat complex, since it is a tropical monsoon climate with warm temperatures throughout the year.

Maldives is located to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Its more than 1200 islands, of which 203 are inhabited, form one of the most iconic places in the entire Indian Ocean and one of the most impressive and famous holiday destinations in the world.

Even taking into account that it has two very marked seasons, the climate in Maldives in general does not show great changes. We have prepared this article to try to explain the weather in Maldives.

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Climate in Maldives, when to travel to Maldives and weather in Maldives

Climate in Maldives: Dry season and wet season

The climate in Maldives is made up of a wet season (associated with the humid south-west monsoons and strong winds and storms), which begins in May and lasts until the end of October. During this period of the year, you can see some contrasts compared to the period between November and April, where the dry season (associated with dry monsoons in the northeast of winter) and sunny days, make travelers come from all over the world to enjoy of its paradisiacal beaches.

Weather in Maldives

The weather in Maldives: Temperature in Maldives

The Maldives has average temperatures that do not vary much throughout the year, so the climate in the Maldives remains stable throughout the country. It is true that there is usually more rain in the south during the wet season, but even so, the average annual temperature does not drop below 25 degrees Celsius.

In fact, you can safely travel without warm clothing all year round, because temperatures never drop below 23/24 degrees, even on winter nights.

Weather in Maldives: rainy season in Maldives

In the wet season, rains tend to be more frequent, but it must be taken into account that showers are possible throughout the year. It is an unpredictable tropical climate but it has the advantage that it tends to be punctual rainfall.

Later in the article we have the average temperatures and rainfall in Maldives month by month.

Weather in Maldives, Meteorology: Best Time of Year to Travel to Maldives

During the dry season, there is hardly any rain and there is less humidity, while the wet season is characterized by winds and rain. Next, we will explain what is the best time of year to travel with a better climate in the Maldives and what each of them can offer you.

Maldives weather from November to April

During this time of year, the climate in the Maldives is characterized by low rainfall, the temperatures are warm and very pleasant and the clear turquoise skies make this undoubtedly one of the best times to travel to the Maldives. The sea is usually calm and the waters very clear, perfect conditions for both snorkelling and diving enthusiasts and sun lovers. Temperatures do not usually exceed 30 degrees during the day, or drop below 20 degrees at night. This is undoubtedly the most popular period to visit the islands..

Maldives weather from May to October

Although the wet season in Maldives takes place during this time of year, it is still a good time to visit the country. It is true that humidity and rain increase during these months, but since they are such low islands, the clouds pass very quickly so the rain usually translates into small storms that usually last a short time. This is why the climate in the Maldives is normally still pleasant during this period. It all depends on luck of course, we can find several days of rain.

During these months, the islands are less saturated with tourists and the low season offers multiply. All this makes it not a bad time to travel to the Maldives.

Weather in Maldives

Weather in Maldives in July, August and September (weather in Maldives in summer)

Many people ask us about traveling to the Maldives in the summer months in the northern hemisphere. Although in Asia it is the monsoon season, the Maldive islands suffer much less from this meteorological phenomenon, and as we have explained, although storms can fall, they tend to be punctual and soon the sun rises.

Here we visit an overwater room at a resort in Maldives:

Information for travelers

The climate in Maldives makes it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Thanks to its extraordinary natural beauty and a very pleasant climate with constant temperatures during most of the year. Even so, it must be taken into account that being a tropical climate, storms during the rainy season vary greatly from one year to another.

When it comes to choosing a date to travel to the Maldives, whether in the dry season or in the wet season, the temperature will always be good, and it will depend on your vacation availability, but it is not a crazy idea to travel in the wet season.

Here you can see the average rainfall and temperature statistics taken over 15 years:

Weather in Maldives

The weather in Maldives for diving lovers

For diving enthusiasts, both seasons have their advantages: during the dry season, the visibility of the seabed is excellent due to the northwest currents that begin to flow more strongly in November, gradually weakening with the arrival. of the month of February.

During the wet season, the water has a greater amount of plankton and nutrients. As a consequence, more of the famous whale sharks tend to concentrate in shallower waters closer to shore than during the dry season. However, visibility is not as good as during the dry season months.

Dream Holidays in Maldives

Maldives has more than 100 resorts. Each of the complexes tends to occupy its own private island, which makes this country a unique tourist destination in the world. The tranquility and privacy are assured in each of them, where you can enjoy a totally paradisiacal environment with beaches and movie sunsets.

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