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With over 160 island-resort options, choosing a hotel in the Maldives can be a difficult task. Unlike other destinations, hotel choice is arguably the most important thing when traveling to Maldives. This is because it is a very special destination in which each hotel occupies an independent island, so the beach, the sea, the possibility of snorkeling or other sports, the gastronomy, the atmosphere… everything will depend on the chosen resort.

Choosing a resort in Maldives

In Maldives Arena our mission is to help you to find the right resort for your holidays.

Which is the perfect resort for you?


Leaving aside the local islands that we discussed in the previous section, the hotels in Maldives are of a good standard. Of course, as in other places in the world, depending on the price there are different qualities, and in the Maldives you can go from something basic to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

The most economical are the 3 stars, although there are few, and the basic 4-star resorts, which could move between 200 and 400 USD / € per night in a normal double room. Then it goes up by category, towards the superior 4 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars luxury and the super-luxury hotels that are within the reach of a few.

The choice in this case depends mainly on the budget available.

Transfers in Maldives

The Maldives are spread out over a vast area that is more than 804 kilometres (500 miles) long and 128 kilometres (80 miles) wide, but most hotels are found on islands within easy reach of the capital city Malé.

The resorts that are close to the Male Internationa Airport have speedboat transfers, which are generally faster and cheaper. Those who are in other atolls need a transfer by seaplane or domestic flights, which are more expensive, but also allow you to enjoy impressive views from the air.

In Maldives Arena we give you the information about the transfer available to reach your hotel. Sometimes 2 options are available, and we will inform about the fastest way.

The Island

Hotels in Maldives are located in their own private island. There are different islands according to the size, shape, house reef, vegetation, etc…

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Resort in Maldives

The rooms

Hotels in Maldives have various types of rooms:

  • In the garden – garden villa: some resorts have this as the most basic option, which is usually in the interior of the island, without sea views.
  • On the beach – beach villas: possibly the most common, the rooms that have views or are directly on the beach. They are generally cheaper than those that are on the water.
  • Overwater room – overwater villa: the famous overwater villas in Maldives. It is one of the few places in the world where you can sleep on water (and even underwater).
  • With Pool or Jacuzzi: Many resorts have rooms equipped with a private pool or Jacuzzi, both on the beach and over the water.
  • Family rooms: many hotels have solutions for families or groups of friends, which are usually villas with two or more rooms.

Food plan

Another decision to make when planning the trip is the type of food plan. The most common are: breakfast, half board, full board and all inclusive.

  • Breakfast only: the basic plan that usually exist in all parts of the world. In the Maldives it can be recommended on the local islands, but not in the resorts: all meals have to be done in the same resort and doing it à la carte in the end is more expensive.
  • Half board: breakfast and dinner. An option for people who eat very little at lunchtime.
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner, without drinks. In some hotel you can include water or soft drinks, in others they are not included.
  • All inclusive: full board plus drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. In some hotels it includes some extras like spa, excursions…
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How to find your resort in Maldives

In order to find a resort in Maldives you can use our filter tool: you select the features you like for your hotel in our Resort Catalogue.

What kind of trip to Maldives are you planning?

When choosing the hotel in Maldives, it is also important to consider the type of trip you are looking for.

Romantic travel to Maldives

Most hotels in the Maldives are a couples’ delight: a private tropical island, dreamy beaches, rooms with privacy and first-class services. Among the many resort options, there are some more geared towards couples and we usually recommend that they be smaller, with fewer rooms and a lower ratio of rooms per square meter on the island. This allows to ensure a more authentic and relaxed experience and to enjoy the Maldives to the fullest as a romantic destination.

Adults only resorts

For travelers who want a child-free experience, there are several resorts that are child-free in the Maldives, or have an adults-only area. Here we talk about the adults-only resorts in Maldives.

Maldives family vacation

Maldives is a great destination for a family vacation: dream beaches, no traffic, small islands without dangers, shallow waters …

In addition, most hotels have “clubs” for children, where they have all kinds of entertainment and caregivers. Keep in mind that in many hotels, for safety reasons, it is not allowed to stay with small children in rooms over the water.

If you are interested in a family trip, you will be interested in: family hotels to travel with children in Maldives.

Friends trip to Maldives

For a trip to the Maldives with friends, you are usually looking for bigger resorts with more activities, more bars and more “movement”. You tend to avoid small hotels that are more for couples.

Travel for activities or sports in Maldives

Many travelers visit Maldives with the main objective of practicing some sport, mainly aquatic of course. In each case there are more recommended resorts. The most common sports are:

  • Diving – One of the best places in the world for divers – Diving in Maldives.
  • Snorkeling: As with scuba diving, the waters of the Maldives hide a colorful fauna close to the surface that can be seen while snorkeling in the Maldives.
  • Surf: although the photos of the calm lagoons could look otherwise, the Maldives is a very good destination for surfing. Outside the reefs that protect the lagoons there are some of the most appreciated waves in the world. We talk about them here: surfing in the Maldives.

Other sports in Maldives

Perhaps we are interested in practicing some other activity while we are on our vacation in Maldives and we have to take it into account when choosing our hotel. There is a wide variety of options, the most common: gym / fitness, yoga, tennis, squash, … there are even resorts with golf courses.